Paella class at Kitchen On Fire is back on the schedule. The next class will be Monday April 11th at 6:30 pm.
In this popular hands-on class we will work together to make a big Paella Mixta that will include pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables. We will discuss the numerous variations of this iconic Spanish recipe as we chop, slice, marinate, sauté and simmer our way to a delicious meal. Several quick tapas will also be on the agenda for the evening as well as a light dessert.
Details and registration are on the Kitchen On Fire web site: https://www.kitchenonfire.com/classes/view/id/1473/


Chicken Adobo

In my never ending search for new things to make in the clay oven, no recipe or region gets overlooked. A recipe for chicken adobo by Sam Sifton in The New York Times caught my attention as a possible candidate for the oven treatment. Here a vinegary marinade becomes the braising liquid for chicken legs and thighs. The recipe in the paper calls for frying the chicken at the end but I chose instead to blast the whole dish in the beehive oven. The results were excellent. Note: The NYT recipe calls for coconut milk. I checked with Tommy Ronquillo and he said “Not any adobo that I’ve ever had”. He said his Mom always uses palm vinegar, and so we went to Ranch 99 market and got palm vinegar. Totally worth it.

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My clay pot cooking class is back again and you are invited.
Kitchen On Fire cooking school is the location.
Monday February 21st is the date, starting at 6:30 pm.
The cost is $65.
This is a hands-on class that features the cazuela, workhorse of the Spanish kitchen. Together we will create a full menu all cooked in clay. From sautees to slow braises and baked desserts, clay cazuelas are versatile pieces of cookware that make everything  prepared in them taste better.

Planned recipes include:
Spanish cider braised slab bacon with clams
Catalan garbanzo beans and morcilla sausage
Arroz con pollo
Buttermilk flan

Of course, when I go shopping I may find something else that looks good so the menu is subject to last minute changes.
What is certain is that participants will learn the  basics of cazuela care and usage, how to choose the proper size/style and how to make a full meal of Spanish influenced dishes. We will make plenty of each recipe so everybody will get a full meal, tasting as we go along.
Registration is limited to 30 people and is offered exclusively through the Kitchen On Fire web site. The address is:

Arroz de Pato

On a suggestion from Verena Niepoort, I tried out this traditional Portuguese recipe for Arroz de Pato (duck rice). It was really simple and delicious. I added a few bits of my own (duck chicharrones!). This slide show, while not a detailed recipe, gives an impression of the process.

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New years Day 2011

Start the new year off right with some red peas and rice with greens and cornbread.

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New years eve 2010

The last night of 2010, spent at home with some aged beef and mature Rioja.

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New years eve 2010, posted with vodpod

Paella at The Prospector

Luis and I made paella with Robert at his restaurant in Twain Harte.

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