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My Cazuela cooking class is happening again at Kitchen On Fire Cooking School in Berkeley on Monday July 11th at 6:30 pm. Come learn the secrets of making traditional Spanish recipes using the earthenware cooking vessels called ‘cazuelas’. We will be making several different dishes, from quick cooked appetizers to slow braised and baked dishes, even dessert, all cooked in cazuelas.

All the details are on Kitchen On Fire’s web site. Here is the location:



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My clay pot cooking class is happening again in Berkeley on Monday August 9th at Kitchen On Fire. This is your chance to prepare and enjoy a meal inspired by the traditional recipes of the Iberian peninsula. Many of Spain and Portugal’s most traditional foods are cooked in clay pots of all shapes and sizes. All the recipes for this hands-on class, from quick tapas to braised meat, beans, rice and even dessert are cooked in earthenware. The class starts at 6:30 pm and lasts about two and a half hours. Cost is $65 per person. Sign up is exclusively through Kitchen On Fire, with a limit of 30 people. Here is the link: https://kitchenonfire.com/classes/view/id/1174/

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The menu for my upcoming Cazuela cooking class at Kitchen On Fire has been in flux but I think I have it pretty well nailed down. Here is the plan as of right now:

Garbanzos and greens w/ morcilla option Chick peas cooked slowly in a clay Olla with leafy greens and (optionally) blood sausage.

Basque cider braised slab bacon with clams Portuguese style skin-on slab bacon braised in a Cocote with Basque hard cider and manila clams.

Mushroom rice Spanish rice with wild mushrooms cooked in a Cazuela.

Buttermilk flan Egg custard with buttermilk ( a southern twist on the classic Spanish recipe) cooked in a Cazuela.

This may change a bit depending on what the market provides, but it give an idea of how the evening will go. I have a few appropriate wines to share as well as tales to tell of my new clay oven (see pictures below).
As always, registration for this class is through Kitchen On Fire, on line at https://kitchenonfire.com/classes/view/id/954/ or by phone at 510.548.COOK (2665)

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